Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Karen "Tallkat" Conley was born in a small fishing village on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

She was a pig tailed elementary school mystic who, through self determination and will, would overcome a childhood of adversity, abuse and poverty.

During a twenty year nursing career she realized that occasionally saving lives, alternating with holding someone’s hand or wiping them up, all in the midst of hospital chaos, is a very unique life experience that could never fit on a resume.

A dramatic life altering event later directed her to a full time consulting practice as a psychic medium and spiritual  teacher, something she knew nothing about and would have never considered doing.

She compares her work to an improv session with a spiritual vibe between the client and consultant ... neither knows what is going to happen or just how information will be presented. It cannot be planned in advance, and can only be captured live, in the moment. It is a one of a kind experience that applies directly to the client’s needs at the time.

A few of Tallkat’s Bucket List accomplishments are: swimming with a pod of manatees, snorkeling with sea turtles, tropical fish and sharks in Key West, walking a circus high wire, writing and performing her own story on stage, learning to ride at forty eight years old and, in spite of a vision impairment, taking a second place ribbon at a local horse show.

Tallkat’s horse stories have been featured in the national equestrian magazine Saddle and Bridle, her poetry in The Trumpeter, an environmental humanities journal, in British Columbia. She is a contributor to The Huffington Post.

She enjoyed being a volunteer photographer for Horses For the Handicapped and the Special Olympics, Florida equestrian division.

She has hosted her own online radio show, Psychic 101, and was surprisingly popular as an afternoon guest on Magik 101in a small, very conservative town.

Her consulting and teaching style is described as straightforward, life changing, and often comedic. If you cannot get them to open their mouths to laugh, how can you expect them to open their hearts to learn, right?

When Tallkat is not consulting her crystal ball (wink), you can catch her barefoot in the kitchen cooking up something new, finding out how many kinds of veggies will grow in her garden, picking apples or peaches from her fruit trees, imagining a new poem, indulging in the guilty pleasure of watching reality TV or walking their incredible plain brown dog, Gracie Allen, with her not as plain husband, Michael. 

They live in the high desert mountains of mysterious New Mexico surrounded by pine trees, star studded skies and coyote calls.

Copyright 2013 by Karen "Tallkat" Conley