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 “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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Many are engaged in the end of the world Mayan calendar bandwagon some for personal gain, fame or profit while others are simply misled.

The truth is out there but few speak it.

The New Age crowd of so called shamans and such seem stuck in an irrational overly emotional rut when it comes to the changes that are here and the direction we are heading.

The unfortunate part of this repetitive New Age talk is it will not and cannot sustain the individual when the pressure of change and evolution is fully on.

They are easy to listen to. Many are attractive, some well spoken, others quite charismatic. The information given is unchallenging at best but somehow that attractive person speaking of love and light makes everything sound pretty good.

We don’t know anymore than we did before - but somehow it all comes out nice in the end.

If they only knew!

If they only knew!

The time of the guru, the fake shaman, holy robes, crystals, non- indigenous ‘tribes’, and protective talismans are over.

Maybe they do know. Maybe they just don’t care.

I’ve noticed these teachers often present Internet information (obtained from science sites, Edgar Cayce predictions, Native American prophecy and articles from investigators that are actually doing the research and the work!) as their own ‘prediction’ or revelation.

When credit is not given to the source people naturally assume the information to be prophetic or personal revelation because of the way it is delivered.

(I recognize this because I happen to have a developed psychic mid brain and I actually do the research and give the credit to my sources.)

The difference is similar to lip sync music vs. live performance. 

These individuals vigorously promote a message of avoiding negativity. Negativity = fear, anxiety, and anger. Don’t give any energy to it. You’ll get caught up in it. Overcome fear. Only love.

Stay away from current world events.  If you encounter any form of “negative” information mentally ‘change your channel’. This is the advice they offer.

Apply independent thinking instead of turning the channel.

If one has actually overcome fear as the New Age suggests then you can discuss or examine anything objectively without losing your balance.

We are living in an extraordinary time in history. Why would anyone want to miss learning from it? The Maya described these times as crisis combined with opportunity.

Many are choosing to directly look at and not run away from what is happening.

Why is it is important to be aware of current world and government events?

Knowledge is power. Get educated, for Pete’s sake about the issues and remain informed. Find a few reliable alternative lifestyle/ news sources. Then do your own research. Get down to the facts.

There is nothing to fear in knowing.  It is denial that is your enemy.

Assessing negative events (they are only negative if your perception says so) is part of growing up as a spiritual being.

It is one of the methods we use to create change, to gain wisdom, make improvements, and forgive ourselves as well as avoid decisions that do not serve us well. 

It isn’t the facts that throw us off course; it is the stories we tell ourselves about what may happen now that we know the facts.

Simply observe. See things as they are. This pure space of benign observation is something you don’t want to miss because God is in it.

Another buzz phrase, which we hear so much is:  “All you need to do is live in the heart.”

Sounds nice, familiar, Zen like and sort of cozy, doesn’t it?  Like a warm cover on a chilly evening.

Whatever we do we should open our hearts and care, of course. But “live in the heart” is a misleading catch phrase.

‘Heart’ emotion unattended, can keep us stuck or bite us in the butt when we least expect it.

Mature discernment emerges from a developed balanced connection between the head and the heart.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

“Live” somewhere of approximate and equal distance between the head and heart!

Reason and rational thinking are vital as wildly surreal changes in government, politics, economy, wars, and disasters like earthquakes, floods and volcanoes pile up around us.

It seems our world has been hijacked and much of what we see on a daily basis is shocking and unimaginable.

As Gracie Slick sang in the song, White Rabbit:

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead And the White Knight is talking backwards And the Red Queen’s “Off with her head” Remember- what the door mouse said:

Feed your head.

Feed your head.

Feed your head.

Feed, use and keep your head. 

Changing the channel and living in the heart do not include preparing (emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically) for challenging events that are meant to create a fantastic evolutionary jump.

Yet preparing is more than survival techniques.

That would be missing the point.

Preparing is being personally responsible - with the intention of achieving a healthy self-reliant independence from a broken system.

These choices will lead to small groups connecting in a self organizing way, providing mutual aid, feeding, housing and helping each other.

This isn’t about living in a cave with stored up ammo, shotguns and canned beans.

This preparation task is meant to be taken on with a sense of adventure, not fear or dread.

It has purpose beyond just staying alive. In preparing, by looking directly at ‘scary’ and highly unusual world events without fear we move through four radical stages of personal change.

~ The first stage is just getting it. Understanding that big change is here to stay and life, as we know it, is not.

~ In the second stage our insecurities; our inner resistance to change, doubt, and a general sense of disorientation slap us around for a while. Nobody else seems to be doing this. This is hard. Am I crazy to leave the herd? A million excuses and questions loom before us while personal “stuff” rises to the surface demanding examination.

The lies we have been told and the lies we told ourselves become apparent and we enter the dark night of the soul.

Many get off at this point and return to the familiar.

(There is nothing wrong in that decision, if it is a conscious one of free choice knowing it means a different outcome. Be at peace with your choice.)

~ The third stage happens to the individuals who decide to persevere and to embrace change. It is not an easy path but offers an expanded wiser understanding about life: material and emotional needs, money, other people’s opinions of us, how society works, what is possible and what isn’t, what makes us happy, what death and loss really mean.

We suddenly grasp the emptiness of excess and the beauty of simplicity- a higher way of life aligned with Nature- which is not quite but almost impossible to learn about in today’s modern world of convenient comforts.

You will learn what enough is and, surprise of all surprises!

One bright morning you will know: You are enough. The power is within you.

It always was.

~ Fourth Stage: Welcome to the revolution.

You have logged onto the future.

A new world, which will be very, very different, becomes less frightening and even desirable to us.   

These changes must be a gradual adjustment over time because this is the nature of human beings.

There will be setbacks and there is a learning curve.

These things cannot be read in a book. A teacher cannot place the knowledge within you. You cannot get a certification for this in a workshop. You cannot buy the knowledge. You cannot imagine it into your life. You cannot pretend you already have it.

Personal evolution must be lived and first hand experience is required.

You must be willing to give up the old ways, certain dependencies, and the familiar. Change unhealthy personal habits, let go of outdated spiritual teachings, along with teachers that offer no challenge because they have no original experience, only emulated philosophy.

Yes, the truth is out there. Few speak it but it is available.

Search for speakers and writers that challenge you by inviting change. Making you feel good for the moment may be enjoyable but does not offer sustenance and wisdom. Information and teachers must challenge as well as support.

Like Alice in Wonderland (Bewilderland?) perception is everything. In the bizarre and often uncomfortable landscape of our world we wonder what is real.

Yet we are designed to navigate the madness, gain wisdom in the process and travel all the way home- without losing our heads.

If you feel slightly or even greatly uncomfortable: Be happy. You are about to make known the unknown, which is the purpose of life.

I leave you with the wise words of Bill Hicks, American Outlaw Comic. (1961-1994). Here is his very cool and bemused description of life.

“The world is like a ride in the amusement park. You think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride has thrills and chills, it’s brightly colored and it’s very loud.

It’s fun- for a while.

People who have been on the ride for a long time begin to question, “Is this real or is it just a ride?”

Others say, “This has to be real. Look at my family, my bank accounts, my furrowed brow. It has to be real because I’ve invested a lot of money into it.”

We can change it anytime we want to. It is simply a choice. It is just a ride.”                   

Enjoy the ride!
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