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Bet you didn't know Tallkat...
Swam with and touched, a pod (family) of manatee, right between mom and baby, on Crystal River in Florida. 

Walked a real circus tightrope with a live audience in a clown outfit.

Snorkeled the Coral Reefs of Key West in the vicinity of a 6 ft shark who swam past her, barracuda, and tropical fish.

Wrote and delivered a serious, passionate speech in sixth grade entitled: “THE CONSERVATION OF TREES.”

Has a secret crush on the two Sonic commercial guys: Improvisation comics TJ Jagodowski and Peter Grosz. Not big on Sonic,
just the two groovy, strangely silly guys.

Walked out her front door to find a black bear face to face with her. She talked with him until he decided to leave.

Hiked into a beautiful meadow in the middle of nowhere, where horses walked up and formed a circle all around her – a horse
whisperer moment.

Had first kiss in elementary school, outside the cafeteria (there was spinach for lunch) near the dumpster (for privacy). It happened
after she wrote this note: I love you. Do you love me? Yes or No. (Check one.) His name was David. They were both unimpressed
and went back to class.

Played a lengthy game of catch with a sea lion, tossing a piece of stinky raw fish, as an amused crowd gathered to watch.
He started it all – surprise attack –by throwing the fish at her repeatedly until she figured out he wanted to play.

Is a hopelessly bad singer. Can't carry a tune in a bucket. Nothing can fix this.

Is a terrible dancer. Yet has no shame about goofy stupid dancing. Like Sandra Bullock with Betty White in The Proposal.

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Talking With the Dead:

An Introductory discussion about the death process and what the afterlife is like is followed by a mediumship demonstration by Tallkat, done in a gallery style setting similar to John Edwards’ presentations.  .

Intuition Training Day

Integrate your 6th sense into your everyday life.  In one session,  learn: How to Remote View (see past, present, and future of anything, at anytime, in any place), link with another person’s mind.  Practice, receive feedback, and experience how incredible you are. 

Manifesting Through The Power Of Your Thoughts:

Quantum science combined with the teachings of the Masters. 

Time to Get Wise: 

Global climate change is no longer fiction - it is fact. It is not too late to prepare for the future. Teaching is based on science and ancient knowledge, rather than subjective material. Practical applications:  ways to ready yourself (and your loved ones) for the spiritual, mental and physical challenges of the Earth’s changes.  Knowledge removes fear.

All classes are geared to promote the integration of materials into the student’s life via discussion combined with action.

Tallkat is available for speaking, readings, parties (group readings), and teachings sessions. Click here for contact page.

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